Yellow Dog Poop– Should You Worry About It?

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A pet’s poop can tell you a lot about what’s going on inside his body by both its consistency and its color. For instance, red or black poop can show that your canine is bleeding from somewhere in his intestinal tract. But what does yellow canine poop mean?

Yellow canine poop– is it severe?

A puppy pooping on green grass and looking scared or stressed.
Uh-oh– is that yellow pet poop you see? Photography © gemredding|iStock/ Getty Images Plus. Seeing yellow canine poop can be a little surprising. In some cases, it happens since of something your pet consumed, like yellow Crayons or chalk that’s simply passing through. An idea that your pet might have eaten something consisting of yellow dye is

if the yellow color in the poop appears in spots or just in parts of the poop. If the pet dog poop is consistently yellow in color, nevertheless, the reason may be more worrying. “That is bile pigment that has not been reabsorbed and is passing through the feces and turning it yellow,” states Tracey Jensen, DVM, Dipl. ABVP, medical director at Wellington Veterinary Hospital in Wellington, Colorado. “It’s not regular. Basically, it means that the transit time in the GI tract is increased.”

What does ‘GI transit time’ involve dog poop color?

“GI transit time” refers to the amount of time it takes for food to travel through the whole gastrointestinal system as it’s digested and lastly gotten rid of from the body as waste. “The intestinal tract remains in a continuous state of digesting and reabsorbing things for reuse, everything from fluid to bile pigment,” Dr. Jensen discusses. “When that transit time is too quick, then you get liquid feces and you will see those yellow bile pigments. If the transit time is prolonged and the client is dehydrated, that’s when we see constipation.”

The GI transit time can increase for a range of factors, consisting of parasites, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, concerns with the liver, gallbladder or pancreas. For this factor, it’s best to set up an appointment with your veterinarian if you notice some pet dog poop that is yellow.

Is yellow pet poop a medical emergency?

Yellow dog poop.
< img loading="lazy "class ="size-full wp-image-375566"src ="" alt="Yellow pet dog poop."width ="600"height ="400"srcset =" 600w, 160w"sizes ="( max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px"/ > So, is yellow canine poop a cause for concern? Photography © NUKUL2533 |

iStock/ Getty Images Plus.”It’s not an emergency situation always, as long as the pet is still feeling all right and there are no other signs, but it’s immediate enough that you do need to look for veterinary assessment,” Dr. Jensen encourages. “If [your canine is] not feeling well, or if there are other gastrointestinal signs, such as throwing up or any other color changes to the feces, it would necessitate a call to the emergency clinic.”

When you go to the vet, bring a stool sample with you so the veterinarian can take a look at it under a microscope to check for any proof of parasites. If the fecal test reveals no parasites, your vet will likely wish to check your canine’s bloodwork and potentially carry out some imaging tests like x-rays or uasounds to search for abnormalities in the intestinal system.

The bottom line

Unless you think your canine just chewed up some yellow crayons, yellow dog poop is not something to ignore. If you see this color in your dog’s poop, get him checked out just to be sure nothing major is going on.

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This piece was initially published in 2018.

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