What’s causing your dog’s belly rash?

Is your dog scratching or biting at her stomach? Is it red and bumpy? Here’s what might be triggering this uncomfortable tummy rash!

You’re on the sofa carefully scratching your canine’s stubborn belly when unexpectedly you recognize your pooch has a rash. It appears like red bumps or acne-type lesions. Uh-oh! What triggered it and how can you treat it?

The majority of stubborn belly rashes in pet dogs are brought on by:

  • Allergic or contact dermatitis
  • Bacterial or fungal infection
  • Parasites like fleas, mites or ticks
  • Heat rash

Any of these may cause extreme scratching, licking, biting, or other signs such as pain, inflammation, sneezing, watery eyes, loss of hair, diarrhea or vomiting. Let’s break down the possibilities to help you identify exactly what’s going on.

Allergic or contact dermatitis

Your pet dog may have consumed or inhaled something such as mold or pollen, or enter contact with toxin ivy, fertilizer, roadway salt, hay or other irritants. If allergic reactions are the cause, then the most basic service is to prevent the allergen. Stay away from these irritants while walking your dog in your neighborhood or having fun with her in your lawn. You can also take routine preventative steps such as vacuuming frequently, changing her diet plan or routinely bathing her with a hypoallergenic medicated shampoo.

Bacterial or fungal infections

In some cases the cause of a canine’s rash is a bacterial, fungal or yeast infection. These start as an outcome of a cut or scrape or from too much wetness or other trauma to the skin. Ringworm is a fungi infection that shows up as circular sores that are scabby and red. Be extremely cautious with ringworm– it is extremely infectious and can be passed on to your other family pets and you!

Impetigo is a bacterial infection that can appear like little, pus-filled bumps on your pet dog’s stubborn belly and normally impacts young puppies instead of older pets. If your pup has a rash on her stubborn belly, it may be germs staphylococcus which triggers patches of infection to appear in hairless areas of the stomach. It can be very painful and contagious. To minimize it, use chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, benzoyl peroxide 2 times a day or an antiseptic and anti-fungal product such as Banixx Pet Care.

Fleas, termites and ticks

Bites from fleas, termites or ticks might be another cause of your puppy’s stubborn belly rash. Flea saliva is an especially potent cause of allergy in canines– causing whatever from scratchy red bumps to locations and hair loss. Managing those pesky fleas is your number one top priority if you want to avoid pain. If your pet dog is left unattended for fleas, they will take up residence in your home and eventually bite you too! A wide range of flea shampoos and topical or systemic treatments are offered from your veterinarian. If the bites are caused by termites, you may be taking a look at a case of mange, which can cause a rash on your pet’s skin, including the stomach and groin. Your veterinarian will require to recommend an anti-parasitic medication to eliminate the termites. Termites might be infectious so act quickly to determine what kind of mite is included. In all cases, don’t forget to clean your pet dog’s bed linen with a mild bleach solution and clear water rinse.

Heat rash

Just like with impetigo, heat rash is caused by the staphylococcus germs and flares up in hot, damp weather condition. It appears like red spots on your canine’s stomach. It may appear on the back, folds of skin, under the tail, neck and near her ears. Heat rash begins as a skin inflammation that triggers your dog to scratch a lot, and may progress to boils, pimples, scabs and a nasty odor. Cool your dog off by applying cold compresses or ice packs to the location for about 10 minutes several times a day up until the condition enhances.

No matter what’s triggering your canine’s irritating red stubborn belly rash, take immediate actions to treat it by talking to your veterinarian and utilizing safe and reliable items that assist to quickly alleviate and solve the rash and assist your pooch (and you) feel better.

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