The unlikely history of commercial family pet food

Commercial family pet food was invented with convenience and profit in mind, not the health of dogs and felines. Fortunately, the more recent motion back to fresh, raw food is making headway.

Walking through the pet food aisles, you’ll see many dry and junk foods for your pet or feline. The majority of marketers would have you believe that this is how your animal is implied to be fed, and we’re frequently informed that raw and fresh diet plans are a new trend. Surprisingly, this isn’t quite the case.

In fact, the history of fresh and raw family pet diet plans dates all the way back to the preliminary domestication of cats and canines 16,000 years ago, while the history of kibble go back to just 1956.

Here’s a brief timeline of business pet food:

  • Before the 1920s: Most pet dogs and felines were fed fresh “human” food in the form of table scraps and even freshly-prepared meals. As early as 2000 BCE, we have dishes for raw meals for canines, consisting of fresh meat, bones, barley, and milk.
  • 1920s: The very first generation of canned animal food struck the marketplace. Ken-L-Ration, taking advantage of the low cost of horse meat, established the first canned canine food and began the industry we still see today.
  • 1940s: During WWII, meat and aluminum were both rationed, however the need for convenient animal food stayed high. Brought in by the large margins on animal food, cereal business started developing dry pet food from remaining spin-offs and grains.
  • 1956: The very first commercial kibble was created, utilizing a procedure called “extrusion”. Still utilized today, this procedure presses dough through a high pressure, high heat extruder to form kibble. Throughout this procedure, the food is disinfected, synthetically protected, and nutrients are broken down. But given how low-cost it is to produce pet food in this manner, it was embraced by a lot of makers and promoted as the most convenient method to feed pets and cats.
  • Today: While business family pet food stays popular, it’s crucial to note that the only reason they were created was for the benefit and profit of manufacturers, not for the health and wellness of pets and cats. Now, 70 years after the innovation of kibble, and with the development of online buying, plus the introduction of nutrition science into pet food formulation, we’ve come cycle. Feeding fresh, raw pet food, which domesticated dogs and felines have actually eaten for countless years, is now nearly as convenient as kibble and canned foods.

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