Supporting your cat’s kidneys with acupressure

Regarded as “The Root of Life” in Chinese medicine, the kidneys are crucial to your cat’s health and survival. These acupressure sessions can help support and vitalize her kidney function.

Kidney conditions are extremely common in felines, specifically as they grow older. Fortunately, you can take steps to not only assist prevent these issues from establishing, but to support and reinforce kidney function in a cat who is already revealing indications of disease. While diet and lifestyle are essential factors, acupressure can also play a role in avoidance and management.

Feline kidney disorders

The problem with kidney conditions in cats is that they often present in ways that are similar to other illness, such as diabetes and aging issues. When kidney dysfunction ends up being medically identifiable and/or a blood test shows proof of kidney dysfunction, you are then handling a condition that requires constant management. Felines over the age of 7 are progressively more apt to establish renal disease. While there is no recognized remedy for kidney deficiency or failure, these conditions are no longer a death sentence for cats. Early detection and management are crucial to helping your feline live a long and comfortable life.

  • From a Western medicine point of view, a cat experiencing kidney illness may show the following indications: bad hunger, extreme thirst, weight-loss, dehydration, throwing up, regular or no urination, foul breath, poor quality coat, aching mouth or mouth ulcers, queasiness, pain, hypertension, diarrhea or irregularity, bloody or cloudy urine, and lethargy.
  • Chinese medicine professionals note that indicators of renal illness can also include shallow respiration (more exhalation than inhalation), wheezing, loose or loss of teeth, excessive clear urination, dull coat or sticky-looking fur, premature graying of the face, delicate bones, loss of hearing or other ear issues, and sluggish injury healing.

If your cat is displaying any of these signs, consult your holistic or integrative veterinarian for a thorough checkup.

Managing your feline’s kidney disease– an integrative approach

Because your feline’s survival depends upon the health of her kidneys, it’s best to utilize all the resources available to help her live as long and as happily as she can. If your cat has kidney dysfunction, follow your veterinarian’s suggestions and integrate them with acupressure sessions to support her kidneys.

1. Western veterinary care Your veterinarian will carry out 2 blood tests: blood-urea-nitrogen(BUN)and creatinine. She is checking for the level of nitrogen waste products from proteins that may be present in the cat’s blood. Waste items are expected to be flushed out of the cat’s body when she urinates, or they will lead to a poisonous accumulation leading to kidney insufficiency or failure. These blood tests can also show low potassium or high phosphorus levels indicating sophisticated kidney illness.

Once the outcomes of the blood tests are offered, your veterinarian will utilize the International Renal Interest Society (IRIS) staging standard to determine your feline’s stage of kidney disease and the very best course of treatment. When it comes to acute kidney failure (ARF), in which there’s rapid deterioration of kidney function, it is possible for the illness process to be slowed enough to be considered chronic kidney failure (CRF).

During the early phases of CRF, your veterinarian will probably advise a diet low in proteins and motivate ways to increase your cat’s water usage. As CRF advances over time, there are supplements and drugs that can help your cat continue with a great quality of life.

2. Chinese medication care

In Chinese medicine, the objective is to avoid having your feline experience any kidney issues at all during her life. When she is young, you can assist preserve the health of her kidneys by carrying out on-going acupressure sessions that support their function– refer to the Kidney Support Acupressure Session chart. Include a healthy, high quality diet and a toxin-free environment, plus a good balance of exercise, rest, mental stimulation, social interaction, and love. These way of life improvements will increase the possibility of your cat not falling prey to kidney disease.

If your feline already has a kidney disorder, specific acupressure points are known to increase the vigor of kidney function. By providing your feline the Kidney Function Acupressure Session two times a week (see chart) while working with your veterinarian, you will be offering your feline the gift of life.

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