Rescue Spotlight: Kansas City Retired Greyhounds As Pets

Greyhounds are splendid animals that function as lazy person. We often associate greyhounds with racing and high energy. But that’s far from the fact! Greyhounds are sweet, low maintenance, peaceful, and not even territorial.

Lots of Greys, as they’re fondly called, require a furever house. If you’re all set for a brand-new fur relative, a Greyhound might be ideal for you. Rescue organizations like Kansas City Retired Greyhounds As Pets (KCREGAP) can help you find the perfect Grey to enjoy.

Mission Statement

” To find for as lots of greyhounds as possible– without consideration for their age, health, impairments or circumstances– their forever houses, while preserving a high quality of care, safe and exceptional real estate and appropriate adoption standards.”

About Kansas City Retired Greyhounds As Pets

KCREGAP was developed in 1990 and dedicated to finding caring homes for retired Greyhounds. Although there are no longer any Greyhound racing tracks in Kansas, there are still various breeding farms.

The National Greyhound Association is also headquartered in Abilene, KS. When Greyhounds from these breeding farms concern KCREGAP, they right away get veterinary care including vaccinations, spay/neuter, oral cleaning, and treatment and prevention of heartworms and digestive tract parasites. Foster families then action in to train these furkids, assist them learn rules and regulations, and essentially get them all set for adoption.

How Does KCREGAP Operate?

KCREGAP is a 501( c)( 3) not-for-profit organization, moneyed by contributions and fundraising occasions, and doesn’t have a physical location where you can satisfy their adoptable Greyhounds. Instead, they have households who volunteer to cultivate the furkids till they’re prepared for their furever homes. If you’re wanting to embrace a Grey, please call or email KCREGAP.

How KCREGAP Benefits Animals and Serves the Community

KCREGAP is a foster-focused organization. A Foster Team deals with remarkable, dedicated and tireless Foster Family volunteers who open their homes all hours of the day for Greyhounds in need.

Greyhounds have the ability to live in foster homes prior to adoption to learn how to be a pet, and not feel like they’re simply a product. The company also informs the community about this terrific type such as their personality, suggestions, and details on how to take care of them.

How You Can Help

There are a number of ways you can help KCREGAP:

  1. Make a donation through their Paypal
  2. Shop at Amazon through
    and pick Kansas City REGAP as your charity. Amazon Smile will donate.5% of your purchase to your selected charity.
  3. Purchase the 2021 KCREGAP calendar
  4. Become a volunteer by helping out with charity events and other occasions, provide transportation, do administrative work, help with social media

Upcoming Events

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, KCREGAP is holding off all their fundraising activities till further notification. Meet and Greet events are also canceled for the time being. Do check out their annual KCREGAP calendar fundraising event which is already offered on their site. Here are the information:

Have a dog fan or classic car lover in your life? How about both? The 2021 Kansas City Retired Greyhounds As Pets (KCREGAP) calendars are now available and includes “Classic Cars, Classic Dogs”.

Get your calendars at All proceeds benefit KCREGAP Greyhounds.

Follow Kansas City REGAP on Facebook or #KCREGAP on Instagram to take a look at our Greyhounds and be the initially to hear about unique calendar provides for the holiday season. For additional information on the calendars or to sponsor an advertisement (we’re constantly in need of advertisement sponsors near and far), please contact Lisa Horn, KCREGAP volunteer

Contact If you have concerns or need more info, please do not hesitate to call Kansas City Retired Greyhounds As Pets:

Phone: 816-763-3333

Email: http://mailto:[email protected]

Facebook: Website:

Do you run a charity or volunteer at a rescue that you ‘d like us to include? We ‘d enjoy to become aware of your work! Simply click the link listed below to send us a fast message and we’ll be in touch.

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