Rescue Spotlight: East Bay SPCA

In the past, animals were domesticated for a variety of factors that included assisting people with labor, supplying meat and milk, and guarding the herd and residential or commercial property. People weren’t truly aware of how they were treating animals, especially the domesticated ones that were utilized to carry heavy loads. There weren’t any arrangements that punished people for the cruel treatment of animals.

Luckily, during the last half of the 19th century, anti-cruelty laws were embraced, which became the solid structure of today’s laws. In 1824, People saw the need for a more humane treatment of domesticated animals and the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was formed in Britain.

The females’s SPCA of Pennsylvania produced the really first animal shelter in the US. After that, the Oakland SPCA began opening its doors to animals in need in 1874.

In this post, let’s take a look at what East Bay SPCA has provided for their community with regard to animal rescue and humane treatment.

Objective Statement

” The East Bay SPCA is devoted to the well-being of cats and pet dogs in the communities we serve. We aim to remove animal cruelty, disregard and overpopulation by providing programs and education that support

people and companion animals.”About East Bay SPCA “A huge thanks to these young benefactors from San Ramon who raised funds to
help the animals of the East Bay SPCA! Thank you, Tisha, Saral, Swars, Tharini and Sahanna for your great work! “Image Credit: East Bay SPCA Facebook Page In 1874, the Oakland SPCA was established to make sure the humane treatment of horses, mules, and other draft animals(domesticated animals utilized to bring heavy loads). In 1912, the company developed a series of curricula, trips, and resource library to assist people understand and prevent ruthlessness to animals. The Oakland SPCA was the very first animal shelter in the Bay Area to require adopted animals to go house spayed or sterilized in 1988.

By 2001, the New Dublin Adoption Center opens to assist animals in the Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore area and became the “East Bay SPCA”. In addition, PALS(Pets And Love Shared) was released in 2003, sending groups of trained people and pets to go to care

centers for check outs. The following year, the New Dublin Spay/Neuter Surgery center opened and was the only center of its kind in the region. By 2004, the company introduced East Bay Pit Fix to assist Alameda and Contra Costa citizens who own Pitbulls with free

spay and neuter services. Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes were growing in number by 2005. As a result, they were the canines most at threat in the neighborhood. So, the rescue introduced a thorough program to resolve the problem of overpopulation and lower the euthanasia of pitbulls and pittie blends. Through the years, East Bay SPCA launched a number of programs to assist residents with affordable vet services and resources. How Does East Bay SPCA Operate?

Photo Credit: East Bay SPCA Facebook Page East Bay SPCA is an independent, non-profit company and depends on volunteers, fosters, contributions, and the people in the neighborhood to operate. Currently, they have 70 employee, and over 700 volunteers (when active).

East Bay SPCA is not just a shelter for animals. They also offer items and services to locals in need, veterinary services, habits and training classes, gentle education, pet dog boarding, and more.

How East Bay SPCA Benefits Animals and Serves the Community

The key to East Bay SPCA’s mission of avoiding animal cruelty is to supply the youth with curricula that teach them the value of respect for animals and all living things. These programs include trips, birthday celebrations, classroom presentations, animal camp, and more.

East Bay SPCA aims to introduce caring values and accountable pet care to children to motivate them to become ambassadors for the neighborhood’s animals. Take their Shelter Scouts program, for instance. East Bay SPCA provides youth volunteers access to safe volunteer chances that allow them to check out different ways to help furkids in need in their community.

How You Can Help

Photo Credit: East Bay Facebook Page Volunteer Volunteering is the heart of all non-profit rescue companies! Like numerous similar companies, East Bay SPCA requires volunteers who can help enhance the lives of animals. Opportunities consist of animal managing such as feline and canine animal care, assisting pet dogs get their everyday dosage of workout, welcoming clients and assisting them match with adoptable animals. There are likewise non-animal managing chances such as keeping the shelter clean, volunteering at neighborhood outreach occasions, and assisting the advancement group with data entry and event support.


Another method you can assist is to become a foster fur moms and dad. These volunteers offer short-term care and shelter for susceptible animals who require love, attention, or training. Animals that are typically requiring a foster moms and dad to take care of them consist of puppies and kittens, cats and canines requiring extra care, highly active big dogs, and shy or fearful furkids.


Considering that 1874, donors moneyed East Bay SPCA’s mission to avoid animal ruthlessness, save animal lives, and educate the neighborhood. Your contributions go straight to help furkids in requirement. What’s more, when making a donation, you can pick where your money will go to such as where the cash is needed the most, their gentle education programs, veterinary services, animal food kitchen and more.

Other Ways to Give

East Bay SPCA likewise requires supplies such as food, toys, pet dog beds, harnesses and leashes, nursing bottles, digital food scale, and more. Due to the existing COVID-19 crisis, they’re unable to accept specific items. You can get associated with buying these much needed items discovered on their Amazon Wishlist which are provided directly to the shelter. For more information about donating in kind, please call (510) 563-4604 or e-mail giving@& #x 67;ayspc& #x 69;

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62; & #x 61; & #x 79; & #x 73; & #x 70; c Upcoming Events East Bay SPCA has a few approaching occasions which can assist animals in their care. These are:

Meows and Mats Virtual Yoga Class With Cats Saturday, April 10, 2021 10 to 11 am on Zoom$15

Regular Ticket,$35 VIP with boodle product Growl, Meow, and Wine Annual Fundraiser(Virtual) Sunday, May 16, 2021 4 to 5 pm(YouTube Livestream)Free Auction Registration, ticketed option at$125 Contact Photo Credit: East Bay SPCA Facebook Page If you have concerns or need more details, please do not hesitate to call East Bay SPCA: Phone number:(510)569-0702 Email: i n & #x 66; o @ & #x 65; & #x 61; st & #x 62; & #x 61; ys & #x 70; & #x 63; a . & #x 6f; & #x 72; g Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Website: Do you run a charity or volunteer at a rescue that you ‘d like us

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