Rescue Spotlight: Do Over Dogs

Animal homelessness is a global problem.

In the US alone, roughly 3.9 million canines and 3.4 million cats enter animal shelters each year. Owners often turn over these animals to the shelter due to the fact that they can’t afford veterinarian expenses or can no longer take care of them. Unfortunately, 2.7 countless these animals are eliminated yearly since these shelters are too complete.

Rescue companies like Do Over Dogs are these homeless pets’ modern superheroes. They save these pet dogs and give them a second opportunity at life.

About Do Over Dogs

Do Over Dogs is a foster-based rescue company in Denver, Colorado. As a rescue, their chief concern is to offer at-risk pet dogs a second opportunity at life. These are young puppies and canines who are on the “death row, “and came from unpleasant backgrounds– mistreated, neglected, and starved as well.

Since of the physical and emotional trauma, these animals need rehabilitation. This is where Do Over Dogs come in. The company assists position these dogs in appropriate momentary houses that make them feel more like a family member, and not just a commodity or ornament in the backyard, till they’re all set to go to their forever houses.

How Does Do Over Dogs Operate?

Do Over Dogs is a 501(c)( 3) not-for-profit company that counts on contributions, sponsorships, volunteers, and fundraisers.

Their primary focus is to save pet dogs and puppies that are a high threat for euthanasia. How Do Over

Dogs Benefit Animals and Serve the Community? Do Over Dogs is a 100 % foster-based company. Canines of all types, sizes, and even those with special needs are welcome here. When an individual fosters a pet,

they free up a space in a shelter or rescue so that they can take in another canine. Each canine rescued by Do Over Dogs gets to be cared for, liked, and cope with a foster family momentarily until they get adopted. They also rescue dogs-in-need that remain in other high kill states such as New Mexico and Texas.

How Did Gina Piazza Get Involved With Do Over Dogs?

Gina Piazza is the media coordinator for Do Over Dogs.

She submitted the organization for our Rescue Spotlight Program.” I embraced my pet dog, Freya, last December and wished to help with the rescue more. I now help manage all the social media platforms! This group works tirelessly to take pets that other rescues will not. Our founder and executive director, Christie Salazar, has the most significant heart! She likes to focus on taking in pet dogs that have no other options to rely on. Senior pets, heartworm positive pet dogs, special needs – – you name it!”

Featured Fundraisers

We normally share the company’s upcoming events in this section. However due to COVID-19 crisis, all fundraising activities are postponed till additional notice. Rather, we ‘d like to include these furkids who are in urgent requirement of your help:


This captivating doggo is a 7-month-old special requirements white German Shepherd who’s searching for her furever home. Gidget requires that a person special individual, preferably someone from Colorado, who’s got lots of love to offer. She was born with a hereditary birth defect in her spinal column. However that doesn’t stop her from living life to the fullest. She loves toys and deals with and definitely loves cuddles. Intrigued to help this adorable furkid? Head over to Do Over Dogs’ website to read more about Gidget.

St. Nick

This doggo was simply minutes away from being euthanized when Do Over Dogs saved him. He’s currently undergoing heartworm treatment, which is a massive expense. Some shelters and rescues are reluctant in taking in pet dogs that have heartworm due to the fact that of the huge cost. Regretfully, these pet dogs generally end up euthanized. But heartworm is treatable, and no pet dog needs to pass away due to the fact that of a workable illness. Do Over Dogs requires your aid for St. Nick’s heartworm treatment.

How You Can Help

There are several methods you can help Do Over Dogs: Make a contribution through

  • their PayPal account.Donate supplies. You can take a look at what they require through their Amazon Wishlist.Become a volunteer by aiding with fundraising events and other events, driving family pets to and from fosters to vet appointments, do house evaluations, or take pictures of inbound canines or events. Become a foster fur moms and dad! Contact If you have concerns or need more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Do Over Dogs: Email: doov e r & #x 64; & #x 6f; & #x 67; & #x 73; &
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