Rescue Spotlight: 716 Paws

Each year, around 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized. That implies that these pets and cats in shelters are being put to death at a rate of 6 animals per minute! There’s just too many animals being gave up to shelters and too few people think about adoption when they’re searching for a family pet.

We all know that pets are worthy of an excellent life. They are worthy of snuggles with their canine buddies and human buddies. They should have scrumptious food and deals with. They absolutely deserve a comfy bed and a roofing over their heads. It’s a good idea that rescue organizations like 716 Paws pave the way for these animals in need to have a much better quality life.

Objective Statement

Puppy Yoga at 716 Paws New Office Space Instagram: Seven16Paws”To work as advocates for both animals and animal owners alike to find the very best home placement, while working with animal shelters to lower euthanasia rates.”About 716 Paws

A group of animal advocates started 716 Paws (Promoting Animal Welfare & & Safety) as a way to provide both members and the canines a safe house. They are a volunteer-based company in Buffalo and Rochester, NY. They also cover Alabama and West Virginia as there are lots of shelters and rescue organizations in the Southern states that are overran with pets and litters of young puppies being discarded and left to take care of themselves.

The group began the rescue company to facilitate the placement of animals into the most appropriate furever home. Their goal is to decrease the euthanasia rates amongst dogs, and offer both animals and human beings a loyal and caring buddy for life.

How Does 716 Paws Operate?

716 Paws is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3)company that relies on contributions, volunteers, fosters, and individuals in the neighborhood to operate. Currently, they have 15 volunteers and 25 fosters. 716 Paws helps both local and out-of-state animals discover their furever families and homes.

The organization will also assist both canines and people in transitioning. They offer programs for adoption-adaptation, working relentlessly to make sure that each furkid’s new home is their forever home.

How 716 Paws Benefits Animals and Serves the Community

Monthly Puppy Yoga at 716 Paws ‘brand-new workplace Instagram: Seven16Paws 716 Paws conserves animals put in high risk, overcrowded shelters from being euthanized. By doing so, they are also assisting totally free the space for a pet dog or feline in requirement. They collaborate with other rescue organizations to broaden their reach and assist more animals.

How You Can Help

Nicholas Russo celebrated his 6th birthday just recently and requested contributions for 716 Paws! Instagram: Seven16Paws Foster

The foster program is among the very best ways to rescue animals. When you become a foster moms and dad, you’re not saving just one life! Fostering a rescue animal maximizes area and conserves another life. As rescue felines and dogs wait for their furever house, foster animal parents look after them briefly. It’s a great option for those who wish to assist but are not ready to embrace.

Maternity Foster

716 Paws gets numerous requests from partner companies and shelters to help with pregnant canines and mamas with brand-new pups. The animal shelter is not a location for them. They require a safe location, and it’s essential to get them into a foster home as quickly as possible. Promoting a mom dog and her pups is a difficult however extremely fulfilling job, and it normally takes 8 to 10 weeks after the pups are born.


Volunteering is the heart of all nonprofit companies! Like numerous comparable organizations, 716 Paws requires volunteers who can lead the way for an outstanding quality of life to rescue animals. Volunteer chances at 716 Paws include application processing, transporter for both short and long distances, administration such as preparing contribution letters, program management, vet tech, and grant author.


Your financial donations are important to helping the organization continue their objective and fulfill their objectives. You can mail your donation, make a tax deductible donation online, or donate through PayPal and Venmo. Please examine the contact details listed below for the mailing address.

Featured Fundraiser

We generally share the company’s upcoming events in this section. But due to the COVID-19 crisis, they do not have any fundraising events lined up for this month. Instead, we ‘d like to feature this furkid who’s in urgent need of your help.

This is Silas and he’s a really unique puppy who needs an equally special household who can assist him rely on humans again. Just after Christmas, rescuers in Alabama set out to help a litter of roaming pups. They recognized that these poor puppies have actually been living outside with little to no contact with individuals. The rescuers might just help Silas and his sister. It wasn’t simple, and it took a lot of perseverance, however after a number of weeks, the two rescued puppies finally enabled their rescuers to pet them.

After 3 weeks, 716 Paws tagged Silas and his sister, Silka, for adoption. Silka has already been adopted. Silas is still in a foster house for about 4 months now, and still gets frightened periodically. But he has come a long way! He’s cage and potty trained. He definitely enjoys other pet dogs. Silas is really affectionate and mild with children. He’s not afraid of kids, most likely because they’re just tiny human beings and as huge as him. He gets along with cats and snuggles next to the feline in the bed the entire night.

For those who are interested to embrace Silas, he has some specific requirements for his future home:

  • Since Silas enjoys friendship with other canines, it’s best that the household has an
  • outbound pet that can assist him rely on individuals again. A home with a fenced backyard is necessary since he’s not used to being leashed regularly
  • Member of the family who are patient enough to wait until Silas comes out of his own shell at his own speed, and will train him as soon as he is all set.

He’s an incredibly affectionate puppy as soon as he gets to trust you! If you need more info about Silas and how to embrace him, please refer to the contact

details below. Contact This is Horace, and he requires
your help! Instagram: Seven16Paws If you have questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to

call: Mailing Address: 368 Darwin Drive, Amherst, NY 14226 Email:

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