Pet of the Month– May

Let’s say hi to this month’s featured animal, Banjo! She’s commemorating her 4th birthday on June 21 and recently commemorated her gotcha day last April 15. She’s about 50 pounds, her fur mommy is unsure what reproduce this lovable pet dog is, but Banjo is liked nevertheless!

Banjo likes running in the woods and swimming in the lake at her favorite dog park. She enjoys playing fetch and chasing after anything that ignites her interest. She has a couple of packed toys that she carries around and cuddles with them all the time.

When her fur mama, Amanda, told Banjo’s rescue story, we understood we picked the right puppy to commemorate this month. The bad pet had a rough start. When Amanda embraced her, Banjo was horrified of everybody and everything, even the wind. She was so afraid that she would army crawl around the house and would not let anyone near her.

” Through a lot of deal with her veterinarian and an amazing doggy day care in our area, she’s made a lot progress in the 3 years that we’ve been together. It’s really remarkable to see how far she’s come,” Amanda associated.

When it pertains to treats, she enjoys peanut butter bubbles, bones, Himalayan chews, and bully sticks. However her favorite Pawstruck product is Peanut Butter Filled Dog Bones! These scrumptious treats keep Banjo inhabited, so she doesn’t chew up whatever she can set her paws on.

We wanted to show just how important Banjo is to our Pawstruck Pack, so we commissioned a digital painting for her. Check it out and let us understand what you believe in the comments section below.

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