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Mobile veterinarians throughout the Allentown, PA area offers extremely valuable service to all pet owners. Allentown mobile veterinarians help keep animals healthy and living long, happy lives. Whether it’s a household pet or exotic animal, mobile vets offer regular check ups and standard vet services such as exams and vaccinations. They also offer more urgent care in the event of emergency or illness.

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Pennsylvania Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound Services, LLC
+1 443-794-4700

Dr. Sam’s Veterinary Housecalls
+1 484-809-9838

pocono mobile veterinary service, llc
+1 570-730-2271

House Calls Mobile Vet Services
Veterinarian · 325 Walter Rd
+1 215-822-2364

Central Bucks Mobile Vet Clinic
+1 215-822-5464

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Mobile Veterinarians in the Allentown, PA area

To find a Allentown mobile vet that is a good match for you and your pet, go through the listings below. You will be able to find the vet’s name and from there, you can compare service offerings, prices, and reviews. You can also contact them and talk to them directly.

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Allentown is a city located in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, United States. It is Pennsylvania’s third most populous city and the 224th largest city in the United States. Allentown, Pennsylvania is a lively, mid-sized city about 50 miles outside Philadelphia. It has a population of about 120,000 people, but that number is rapidly increasing; Allentown is one of the fastest-growing cities in Pennsylvania. Allentown holds a unique place in history. During the Revolutionary War, the Americans hid the Liberty Bell in Allentown, keeping it away from the British forces. Today, both residents and visitors enjoy Allentown’s beautiful historic architecture and proximity to exciting cities like New York City and Philadelphia.

Mobile veterinary services in Allentown, PA for dogs and cats may be best known for providing low-cost spay and neuter services as well as basic medical care, like those deployed by the ASPCA in under served communities in the United States. Some private practice veterinarians also make house calls to provide treatment as well as end-of-life services for pets.

Anyone who has ever transported a panicked cat or dog to their veterinarian’s office, however, knows that having a vet in the Allentown, PA area, come to them could save a lot of anxiety for all parties including the pet. That’s why more small animal veterinarians around the country are hitting the road to treat cats, dogs, “pocket pets” (such as hamsters and guinea pigs) and the occasional resident of a farm or petting zoo in the comfort of the animals’ own homes in Allentown, PA.

Located on the Lehigh River, Allentown is the largest of three adjacent cities, in Northampton and Lehigh counties, that make up a region of eastern Pennsylvania known as the Lehigh Valley. Allentown is 50 miles (80 km) north-northwest of Philadelphia, the fifth most populous city in the United States, 90 miles (140 km) east-northeast of Harrisburg, the state capital, and 90 miles (140 km) west of New York City, the nation’s largest city.

The Norfolk Southern Railway’s Lehigh Line (formerly the main line of the Lehigh Valley Railroad using former Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad main line trackage), runs through Allentown heading east across the Delaware River. The Norfolk Southern Railway’s Reading Line runs through Allentown heading west to Reading, Pennsylvania.

Mobile Veterinarians Allentown, PA

Allentown was cited as a “national success story” in April 2016 by the Urban Land Institute for its downtown redevelopment and transformation, one of only six communities in the country to have been named as such.

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