Let’s Talk About Dog Lipstick– a.k.a. the Dog Penis

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Dog lipstick has a particular, and a little paradoxical, ability to ruin the mood. Picture satisfying a happy-go-lucky, tail-wagging dog who rolls over onto his back for a stubborn belly rub from his brand-new best friend (that’s you). When this specific canine exposes his abdominal area, however, you get an eyeful, and it’s not just his stomach that you see. Also on view is a damp, pink, fleshy, and– if you’re share the opinion of most people– horrible protrusion, a.k.a. his canine penis. Once again, if you’re like most people, you will lose the desire to consider that dog a stomach rub.

Canine Lipstick, Dog Red Rocket and Dog Penis– Are They All the Same Thing?

Photo illustration by Madeleine Weiss. Stafford Terrier image. Photography by Ksenia Raykova/ Shutterstock. That protuberance” in the location of the penis”passes a variety of names. “Dog lipstick “and”red rocket”are two common colloquialisms. But the actual, proper name for the protuberance is:

canine penis. To comprehend pet dog lipstick you should first understand a bit about dog anatomy. That benign, lightly hair-coated appendage on your dog’s underside that you may have thought was his pet dog penis is not, in truth, his penis. It’s his prepuce. The prepuce is a sheath that safeguards the dog penis from injury on a day-to-day basis (it also safeguards our eyes from the sight of the penis).

The canine penis itself– or what some individuals call the canine lipstick– is pink, wet and fleshy. Many people do not like the sight of it. To add fuel to the fire, a percentage of nasty yellow fluid called smegma (the name of the fluid generally totals up to onomatopoeia) generally coats the penis itself.

Why, Then, Do Some Dogs But Not Others Frequently Show Off Their “Lipstick?”

A number of things can cause that canine lipstick to emerge from the prepuce. The first is arousal, and not simply that type of stimulation. In medicine, arousal refers to any kind of excitement whatsoever, such as might happen when a dog fulfills a beginner. Dogs experiencing basic stimulation may, in turn, establish just a little bit of the other type of stimulation. Simply put, thrilled canines sometimes establish slight erections. Erections cause this pet lipstick to emerge. The dog lipstick phenomenon is more typical in however is by no methods limited to un-neutered dogs.

Other pet lipstick sightings happen due to safe (to the pet) physiological anomalies. A size inequality in between penis and prepuce, or a canine penis that is prone to “drooping” out of the prepuce may result in frequent pet dog lipstick sightings. I have understood a couple of pet dogs whose penises never ever fully fit into their prepuces and were for that reason perpetually on view. These dogs experienced chronically dry penises but came to no significant damage.

What Should You Do About a Dog Lipstick That’s Been Out for an Extended Amount of Time?

Beige puppy with lipstick and eyes covered up.
And what if you’re seeing your pet’s lipstick for a prolonged quantity of time? Picture illustration by Madeleine Weiss. Pup portrait. Photography by otsphoto/ Shutterstock.

Although the majority of people don’t like canine lipstick sightings, most circumstances in which the dog penis is briefly visible are not hazardous to the canine involved. There is, however, an exception. The exception is a condition called paraphimosis.

Paraphimosis is a pathological extrusion of the pet dog penis from the prepuce. If the penis ends up being entrapped outside of the prepuce it may swell. Pain and tissue damage — — possibly serious tissue damage — — can result. Paraphimosis is a veterinary emergency situation.

Paraphimosis generally has a look that is more remarkable than mere dog lipstick. A big portion of the pet dog penis generally will be visible. It will likely appear noticeably swollen, and may be purple rather than pink (these are signs of inadequate blood circulation). The impacted canine may appear uncomfortable and might try to groom himself “down there” exceedingly.

Paraphimosis most regularly takes place as a result of sexual activity. Misdirected sex, such as a pet dog humping a leg or an inanimate item, triggers paraphimosis more commonly than real sex. Due to the fact that un-neutered canines are more likely to take part in this behavior, they are most likely to experience paraphimosis. However, the syndrome is by no ways restricted to them.

Here is the circumstance by which paraphimosis most frequently occurs. A pet participates in misdirected sex, triggering the penis to emerge from the prepuce. The prepuce typically has a thin coat of hair. The hair at the tip of the prepuce can block the opening of the prepuce, avoiding the penis from correctly withdrawing after the activity is over. Swelling, pain and other signs then start.

How to Treat Paraphimosis

Strong-stomached owners can attempt to deal with paraphimosis in the house. A water-based individual lubricant such as K-Y Jelly is applied to the penis, the hair at the suggestion of the prepuce is carefully drawn out from the opening, and the penis is re-inserted into the prepuce. Avoid utilizing unique individual lubes that cause warm or tingling feelings.

Some canines with paraphimosis will remain in too much pain to tolerate home treatment. Others will suffer from paraphimosis that is too extreme to be resolved at home. These pet dogs, or dogs owned by more squeamish individuals, need to receive veterinary attention as soon as possible (although it is still a great concept to apply lube to the penis to prevent it from drying out). They generally require sedation or perhaps general anesthesia for the penis to be replaced. After I treat paraphimosis I generally trim the hair from the tip of the prepuce to reduce the threat of recurrence; offered the sensitive nature of the site, this is a task that only an experienced specialist must attempt.

The bottom line on pet dog lipstick

Pet lipstick is unpleasant however generally harmless. Understand, however, that in some circumstances dog lipstick sightings might signify a serious issue.

Thumbnail: Photography © Ksenia Raykova/Thinkstock.

This post was originally published in 2013.

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