How to Prevent Pet Urine From Killing Grass

No canine owner on the planet adores those ugly stains brought on by their canines’ urine. Sadly, they’re kind of inevitable … or are they ?! I’m going to share a couple of workarounds I’ve discovered to avoid family pet urine from eliminating turf.

I’m Barbara and I compose regularly for That Mutt. I’m likewise a blog writer over at K9s Over Coffee.


First things initially, why does dog pee really eliminate lawn? Well, canine pee is high in salts, and too much of these cause those ugly yellow burn spots on the lawn.

It won’t impact it excessive if a pet pees on the grass simply as soon as, but undoubtedly that’s not a practical scenario. If you have a yard and one and even several canines, they’re going to be peeing on your lawn on a regular basis.

It’s that routine exposure that provides previously green turf that awful yellow scorched appearance.

Prevent pet urine from killing grass

Male and female pets can kill lawn, not simply females Just to clear up one typical misconception– male dogs kill grass too, not just women. You might have heard that female dogs trigger

more damage to green grass when they’re peeing on it. It holds true that females generally squat to pee, for that reason covering a smaller area with a bigger amount of urine. But make no mistake– male dogs can do just as much damage to grass when they’re peeing, especially if they pee all in one spot.

Lindsay’s male pet dog Remy normally squats to pee as well, and boy has he left a lot of yellow spots on the lawn!

The following concepts are all efficient, but they do need a certain consistency when you first get your dog utilized to them, together with rewarding the correct behavior.

1. Train your pet to pee on cedar chips or rocks rather of yard.

Cedar chips and rocks are a terrific option if your lawn includes absolutely nothing however lawn.

They’re both economical, and all they need on your part is a quick trip to your regional Walmart or house enhancement retailer like Lowe’s or Home Depot. By the method, a favorable side effect of cedar chips is their flea pushing back advantage!

A word of caution: If your dog tends of chewing on the cedar chips, ensure to go with organic cedar chips. Pet dogs who chew on rocks can loose teeth to that activity, so make certain to customize your canine’s alternate peeing surface area to his/her routines. You could also selected gravel rather of rocks.

Take your pet dog out on a leash to the cedar chips or rocks

You’ll need to train your canine to pee on a various surface than the lawn that he’s most likely used to.

This is simplest to teach when your dog is still a puppy. That’s due to the fact that they pick up anything you teach them like a sponge, specifically throughout their first 4 months of life. That’s why it settles to socialize your young puppy to walking and taking care of their company on various surface areas. For example turf, sand, asphalt, rock, cedar chips, pine needles, and so on. You get the idea.

However, it’s completely possible to teach your older canine that new technique too! You’ll simply have to show your puppy what you expect of him, and the most convenient method of doing that is to leash him and walk him to his new bathroom location every time. Then reward with praise and treats.

The process might take some canines a week or 2 and others may need a number of weeks of consistency.

Reward the best habits with deals with and/or appreciation

Make certain you bring your pleased voice in addition to delicious, high worth treats like cut up hotdog or string. Anything foul-smelling like dried fish or green tripe deals with works wonders, too.

You might wish to make things easy on yourself and simply have a treat bag within close proximity of your back door. That method you don’t have to fumble around for it each time you prepare to head outside with your pup.

All my doggy things are hanging up in one quickly available location

, consisting of Mighty Paw’s reward pouch I personally enjoy Mighty Paw’s Dog Treat Pouch due to the fact that it has a 2 cup treat capacity and numerous compartments for phones, secrets, poop bags, etc. I may be a little prejudiced since That Mutt and Mighty Paw are partners, but I swear it’s the best reward pouch I’ve ever used in my 8 years of amateur doggy training.

As quickly as your puppy goes potty in the proper location, praise him warmly and hand out one of those high worth goodies. Excellent young boy!

He’ll quickly get the idea to associate the new area with his toilet area. It simply takes some repetition to form this new habit. Keep strolling him to that area on a leash until he gets the message that you just desire him to pee there.

Suggestion: Once your puppy comprehends where you want him to pee, slowly minimize the quantity of treats you give out. You likewise no longer require to treat him regularly. Rather, applaud him verbally every time however make a treat reward more random.

That method he’ll learn not to rely entirely on treats for using the best habits. Also, bear in mind that treats have calories too, so it’s important to adjust his food consumption appropriately.

Teach your pet to pee on command

Proceed and associate a particular command like “go potty” or “get hectic” with your pet peeing (and/or pooping while we’re at it). That’ll make it a no-brainer for your dog to figure out what you desire from him.

If your canine thinks twice to go potty on the cedar chips or rocks, take him to that location when you understand he really needs to go. Like first thing in the morning, or after an afternoon nap or a playtime session. Praise and reward as quickly as he pees on the brand-new surface area!

For a male pet dog, you could position the cedar chips or rocks around a tree or beside a bush if you know he likes to raise his leg.


Pour water over the canine pee every time. OK, so you may not wish to put rocks or cedar

chips in your yard. Another approach is to pour water over your pet dog’s pee area in your lawn each time he pees on it. Utilize a pitcher or a water bottle. Just have it all set by the door whenever.

This works truly well, as you can see in the below image. That’s my lawn. It’s been raining so much here in Central North Carolina that Wally’s pee got gotten rid of thanks to the sky!

prevent pet urine from killing grass
The rain gotten rid of most of Wally’s pee spots in the yard 3. Stroll your pet dog down the street each time. You can likewise entirely avoid your own yard if you’re up to that additional work! If you have empty lots in your community or wooded areas nearby, it will not be excessive of a challenge. Just walk your canine down the street each time he needs a potty break. (Those of you who live in homes have been doing this numerous times a day, every day. It’s simply part of life for numerous!)

Nevertheless, if you live in a residential area and are surrounded by houses, do ensure not to piss your neighbors off!

I remember walking my previous Boxer pups in my former community and letting them pee on the spot of grass that’s by the curb. You know, that location that’s between the pathway and the street. Technically, that area belongs to the city, however it’s the house owner’s duty to care for it.

You most likely want to appreciate your next-door neighbors’ grassy locations

The owner of the house happened to be on her front porch and saw Buzz lift his leg on it. She needs to have had a truly bad day since she called the authorities on me for permitting Buzz to pee on that stretch of yard!

The police officer who appeared on my front patio was nice sufficient to let me know that technically it really wasn’t that person’s home. But he recommended not to let my pet dogs pee on it anymore considering that it bothered that woman. Fair enough.

So I did my best not to permit the puppies to pee on those grassy areas any longer. For the a lot of part, I let the pups go potty on empty lots where construction had not started yet, close to a wooded location.

Side note: The lady who called the cops on me had 3 dogs herself, who were constantly out in her fenced-in yard whenever I walked by that home. I question what her yard lawn looked like if she had any …

prevent pet urine from killing grass
Buzz peeing on an empty lot rather of somebody’s residential or commercial property 4. Teach the pet to

enter a particular area or corner of the backyard. Even if you don’t feel like heading out and getting cedar chips, gravel, or rocks, you can still teach your pet dog to pee in a certain area or corner of your backyard.

To do that, use the exact same methods I outlined earlier:

  • Leash your canine and walk him to the area where you want him to pee
  • Appreciation and reward with a happy voice and/or high-value treats

Bear in mind that consistency is essential which some pets find out faster than others.

Now that I’ve pointed out several ways for your own canine to not eliminate the yard, what about keeping other dogs off your yard? After all, you can’t patrol it yourself 24/7/365!

Well, it’s most helpful to make your lawn unattainable by fencing it in. It must be a physical fence made of wood, plastic, metal or aluminium. An electrical fence does not keep any strange pet dogs out of your backyard.

Another idea is to install an indication that clearly specifies that your lawn is a no-pee/poop zone, specifically if your front backyard can’t be fenced. In some cases that’s the case when HOA rules forbid it. It’s absolutely a nicer move on your part than to right away call the police like that a person finished with me!

Certainly this will only work for dogs who are being strolled by responsible owners/handlers who appreciate your wishes. It clearly likewise won’t have a result on any loose dogs who occur to walk by your property and decide to take a potty break on your grass.

There are a couple of products that declare they assist avoid family pet urine from killing grass. Among them are Dog Rocks, another is called Pet Honesty Grass Green Snacks. I’m not necessarily suggesting these product. I haven’t tried them. I’m simply letting you know what’s out there in case you wish to provide a shot (do let me understand!).

Canine Rocks to avoid killing turf

Canine Rocks are rocks that stop the burning urine patches on genuine lawn by eliminating the quantity of nitrates from his drinking water. They’re an Australian item that I first came across when I went to the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL, back in 2016. According to the business, they’re naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock.

This is how they work:

  • Place into your pet dog’s water bowl
  • Leading water off
  • Only replace water every few days
  • Replace rocks every 2 months
Dog Rocks Why Dog Rocks don’t work for me personally:

  • I do not think in just topping water off every few days. I replace my pet’s water every day.
  • PetHonesty GrassGreen Snacks

    These Lawn Green Snacks are doggie chews that minimize nitrogen levels in a pet’s urine. However, we know that it’s in fact the salts in the dog’s urine that ends up killing your grass.

    GreenGrass Snacks are made in the USA with these ingredients:

    Carrot, Coconut Glycerin, Flaxseed, Mixed Tocopherols, Natural Duck Flavoring, Oat Flour, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Palm Fruit Oil, Powdered Cellulose, Rice Bran, Rosemary Extract, Sorbic Acid, Sunflower Lecithin, Sweet Potato, Tomato.

    I personally haven’t tried them, but they seem to work quite nicely according to the reviews I looked at! The chews received 2,074 evaluations with an average ranking of 4.4 stars out of 5 possible ones on Amazon. A 90 chew container expenses around $28.

    Some kinds of lawn are more resistant to dog urine than others. Depending upon where you live, you might go ahead and plant the turf that does better with direct exposure to pet dog urine!

    Yard types to avoid if you remain in the northern part of the United States with “cool season” lawns:

    • Kentucky Blue Grass

    Instead, plant these kinds of yard. You can find them at your regional home enhancement store:

    • Ryegrass
    • Fescue turf

    Grass types to prevent if you remain in the southern part of the United States with “warm season” lawns:

    • Bermuda Grass

    Now we ‘d like to hear from you!

    Have you utilized any of these methods to avoid family pet urine from eliminating grass?

    Do you have any additional advice? Let us understand in the comments!

    Barbara Rivers composes routinely for That Mutt. She is a blog writer, raw feeder and dog walker and preserves the blog K9s Over Coffee.

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